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Fortnite: Rocket Launcher exploit discovered

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He said he was also not allowed to stay at another employment agency where he had hoped to spend the night.

Fired, back on the street Beto said if a worker spoke out, he or she could be threatened with calls to police and deportation. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois. Epic I think you should work on this exploit. Beto asked that his last name not be used, out of fear of deportation and losing work with the restaurants.

Asian Exploit

But Beto said employees rarely benefit from the arrangement. Fortnite has been plagued with a lot of issues with gameplay balance as Expooit late, and it remains to be seen whether Epic Games will address these or not. Beto described living in the winter in cold apartments or a wet basement provided by his employers. Chinatown Agencia de Empleo, which also said it did not determine worker pay in court filings, closed after the suit was filed. There was also a referral slip given to an employee from an agency working at Woow Sushi in Orland Park. A half-dozen men were lounging around the mattresses, and several emerged from the rooms down the hallway.

The lawsuit led to consent decrees resulting in thousands of dollars in back wages paid to some of the workers; a hearing on another decree is set for this week in the U.

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While he said the managers are nice and the home they provide workers Esploit decent, the pay Ezploit too low and there is no pay for overtime. Ruiz said he is now in Iowa working at another restaurant. The player was also seen to have had a Hand Cannon in his inventory in the clip, another weapon that has recently been considered overpowered. Archer, several mattresses were stacked along a wall inside, and a row of rooms extended down a hallway.

Undocumented, he originally came to the U. In a court document, the agency said the wages and other conditions were set by the restaurants. The men say they get virtually no breaks and are often treated poorly, put up in substandard housing.

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