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An erection happens when the spongy tissue jaking the penis is filled with blood. Also, the testes are slightly pulled towards the body, and increase in size. At this stage a woman's breast size can increase by 20 to 25 per cent.

This is the price where the much explodes into intense graham contractions bracketed immediately by making. For men, an international disappears in two series.

The plateau mxking is also often identified by sex flush. Around 50 to 75 per cent women and a quarter of men experience red spots forming on the skin known as sex breasst. These spots resemble measles and appear on the front of the braests, spreading to the neck, buttocks, back and face. This is the result of an increase in blood flow just below the surface of the skin. Typically at oout stage, breathing and heart rates speed up, not because of physical activity, but because of stimulation of the autonomic nervous system - the part of nervous system that is active during stress or danger - and is involved in regulating the pulse Girls making out breasts blood pressure.

This is Gigls point where the body explodes makint intense physical contractions followed immediately by relaxation. Orgasm in makiing female is characterised by rhythmic brwasts contractions breeasts the uterus - a hollow muscular organ where an embryo is nourished and develops before birth - the outer vagina and anal sphincter the muscular ring that surrounds the anus. The muscles throughout the body also contract in response to orgasm. The initial contractions can arrive at less than one second intervals, and become further apart as the orgasm continues. A mild orgasm can contain three to five contractions, while an intense orgasm could have ten to fifteen.

Most women do not ejaculate during orgasm, although some scientists claim that women expel semen-like fluid from the urethra - the tube that carries urine from the bladder out of the body. Orgasms in men - unlike those in women - occur in two stages. During the first stage of male orgasm, contractions force semen into the urethra - the tube that carries urine and - during orgasm - semen from the bladder during ejaculation. In the second stage of male orgasm when orgasm is inevitable, contractions of the urethra and penis merge with contractions in the prostate gland - the gland in men that secretes a fluid into the semen that acts to improve the movement of sperm. When orgasm is reached this results in the spurting of semen out of the body through the tip of the penis.

As orgasm climaxes in both sexes, high levels of muscles contractions that last longer than normal occur in the buttocks, feet and pelvis. The face is often characterised by facial contortions and deep frowns. This is when the body returns to its unaroused state. Some women may become multiorgasmic - or experience several orgasms - before the body normalises during the resolution phase. Men, however, cannot experience multiple orgasms because it is biologically impossible.

Immediately after ejaculation, the man enters a recovery period where the penis becomes semi erect Grls then flaccid. During the resolution Gils, the vagina returns to normality as blood is pumped away from the vaginal tissues. The uterus moves back into its normal position and the Gidls of the vaginal lips subsides. Also during this stage the vagina shortens in length and the clitoris and breasts return to their usual size. For men, an erection disappears in two stages. At first, as orgasmic contractions pump blood out of the penis, there is partial loss of stiffness. In the second stage, blood flow returns to normal levels, the testes decrease in size and drop away from the body.

We'd pick boobs over a PS3 controller any damn day. And they're even better to taste! That feeling when we can lick, nibble, taste?

Making out breasts Girls

There's just one word for it: They have so many profiles…and all of them are amazing. The way they sway slightly when you lean forward, the way they look all taut when you're stretching, the way they look all forward-facing and ready to take on the world when we look at you in side profile…sigh. They feel pretty incredible against our bodies. Part of the reason why we love hugging you. If you offered us a choice between a five-star hotel room pillow and being cushioned by your bosom, guess which one we'd pick? We want most what we don't have.

That's just human nature, right? And the universe has blessed you in a way that it hasn't done for us.

The bounce factor… Making you Girs in bed with so much pleasure that you moan and twist and your boobs move like they have a mind of their own - that's sex goals for every guy. They come in a set of two! Whoever said you can have too much of a good thing…definitely wasn't talking about boobs!

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