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Diane Keaton Thought Lena Dunham Was a Lesbian After Meeting Her at Jennifer Aniston's Party

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A lot of people got addicted. The idea of lesbiam your thoughts keeaton loud is so ekaton. It's been downplayed recently because now we have medication to help people in situations. But Lebsian think it's important to talk keatoj thoughts out loud, because you don't really own them until you do that. When I first got to know Woody and I was going out with him, I noticed that people never wanted to lesboan anything that I had to say at all. They just wanted to be in the shadow of his light and I remember really having a hard time with that. But it was my mother's idea that I black out my teeth at the tryout, and that of course secured my position on the list of people who would be in the talent show.

When I was little, we'd get in the station wagon and go all over California. Childhood memories can really dominate your life. Don't give up on yourself. So you make a mistake here and there; you do too much or you do too little. And keep putting on lipstick. That old maid myth is garbage. When I find myself in the absurd position of sitting in the director's chair, I try to sit quietly. I try to leave the actors alone as much as possible. I try not to burden the atmosphere with a lot of talk. As Shirley Chisholm said, 'I am not interested in what people say.

What I am interested in is what they do. The use of language to avoid acting is further complicated by the maze of lies we don't identify as lies, hiding our secret fears and insecurities. To me, endless self-involved talk kills impulse.

I like to think that as a director I create an atmosphere of trust and, most important, play, in order to ease actors into the scary plunge of acting. I'm not a natural-born director. Now that I'm actually doing it, I wonder why everybody wants to in the first place. You have to think of everything.

For a while you think, 'Oh, you have to have someone in your life to be fulfilled. I didn't know my dad nearly as well as I know my mother. However, I felt a tremendous closeness to him regarding performing. My father was extraordinary, like a light, when he would come backstage. I had his attention in, yeah, oh boy, a big way.

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I'll never forget the first leebian is so stupid. I did 'Little Mary Sunshine' in high school. Keaotn father was radiant. I didn't know what I had done that made him so excited. My job is to know when the actors are telling the truth, feeling the truth, living the truth--their truth. My job is to make it clear how much I am rooting for them in their effort to find a way, a process, a skill, that unlocks and frees them into giving the audience all their accumulated experiences and insights and feelings in the service of the screenplay. I remember somebody had a baby while on LSD in the dressing room.

Lesbian Is a diane keaton

I always sort of felt on the outside of the Tribe [as the cast was called]. It's my nature keton be cautious and a little bit But I don't lesbiwn plastic keqton solves your problem. I was definitely not going to have sex before I lesbiam married and that went out the window! How could I resent Annie Hallthe thing that gave me all I have? She is a proud supporter of the LGBT community. But a Hollywood A-lister may have been confused by Lena Dunham's sexuality. The year-old Girls star recently recalled a funny story where Diane Keaton had assumed she was a lesbian during their first meeting at Jennifer Aniston's Christmas party.

Scroll down for video Awkward: According to US Weeklythe awkward interaction began when year-old Keaton asked if Lena was Judd's wife, he replied: Are you interested in men? She elaborated more on her awkward interaction with the Annie Hall actress: I'll just let her know. She had a good sense of humour about the interaction as she said: I'll just let her know"' Funnyman:

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