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Kokoro was got stuck about an adopter later, and then let the room to advanced if he's back. It's so there to just prior on his girl when he'd advance the last two elements in virtual hell, resolution of her, of the mets he collected to do to her, his favorite throbbing painfully beneath his trades. He sucked her premium into his contract as soon as the buy was low.

Then the closet door finally swung open. And the sight that greeted his eyes more than made up for his earlier disappointment. Hell, what he'd imagined was kid's play compared to this. Kokoro shyly stood at the threshold of the door, long, slender legs encased in black thigh highs, she wore a different thong this time, no visible soft flesh, but the concealment only enhanced the eroticism The sweet baby probably didn't know she was wearing a submissive's outfit. Not the hardcore stuff, but a tame, milder version of it. She has surprised him yet again. She looked incredible, innocence and vixen combined. And then the breath left his body with the force of a blow.

Oh god, did she really have her nipples pierced? Why didn't he notice before? No, probably nipple clamps. He thought, calming down a little. He'd heard of them, but never tried. He racked his brain, searching for any other details that might be important. Something about not letting the user wear them for too long and certainly not overnight. Show me what you got. God, she's so hot, it was all he could do not to haul her in his arms and throw her in bed and just fuck her until they're both raw and aching. The tiny bells at the end of the clamp tinkled with each movement, Kokoro smiled shyly at him as she slowly walked towards him.

Kokoro gasped before she could stop herself, it was both pleasurable and a bit painful. She shook her head, a bit confused by his question. Let me show you. Kokoro blushed, didn't know how to respond. Sometimes the lines are blurred. He wasn't sure how to remove it, so he simply pried it open. Her nipple that had been squeezed smaller, tighter by the clamp returned to its normal size. Mitsuru dropped the clamp on the bed and simply watched her face. Pure lust flowed through her veins along with indescribable pleasure. She looked at him like she wanted to devour him alive.

He sucked her nipple into his mouth as soon as the clamp was free. Kokoro went wild as he tugged at her, nipped her with his teeth, prolonging the mad influx of pleasure. Mitsuru groaned as he felt the rush of warmth between her legs against his skin and realized she came. He cradled her as she rested in his arms, panting softly as though she'd run for miles. Thongs and hot ass straightened up and wrap her arms around his back as she nuzzled against his neck. He smiled as he stroked her gently, running his hand over her thigh, her stomach, the soft swell of her breast.

He tugged at the chain that connected her cuffs to the collar, making her look at him. Unbidden, images of girls in bondage, tied up, gagged, whipped, poured wax on played in her mind The only pain you'll ever feel is the burn in your pussy from the thrusts of my cock. I'll never deliberately inflict pain nor let anything mar this soft, perfect skin. He saw the jealousy that flashed in her eyes before she could hide the emotion. Mitsuru smiled and kissed away the tension from her lips. Kokoro relaxed visibly and she leaned more on his body.

She couldn't count the times Mitsuru had to restrain her when she went wild in his arms at the height of her climax. Most of the time he had to pin her down with his own body when she could no longer bear the intensity of emotions that crashed through her veins. She had tried to buck him off her, tried to crawl away beneath him once, but mostly the wild flailing of limbs as her body sought to cope with, to channel the raging sexual energy that's impossible to contain. She might find being restrained enjoyable in the future, for times like this This wasn't a time for slow, easy loving.

No, that would come later when some of the edge was taken off. She was a need that was rooted deep in his soul, in the fiery rush of his blood. And he needed her now. Then let's discuss the subject again. But he won't compromise on her safety, no matter how tempting the dark side was. His expression was consumed with lust. He gazed at her with a surfeit of hunger and emotion, green eyes glittered against the soft lighting, intense with unwavering focus. Damn, you're so fucking hot. Trembling, Kokoro obeyed, leaning forward while she rested her palms on the front of her thighs. His fingers skimmed over her skin and gently touched her pussy through the open crotch, carefully slipping his finger inside, testing her readiness to receive him.

Kokoro closed her eyes as a soft moan escaped her lips. He stretched and kept her open as the tip of his cock sought the entrance to her pussy. As soon as he had positioned himself, had breached the first inch through the tight opening, Mitsuru gripped her and pulled her down. Kokoro cried out as she took him as deep as she could. The curve of her ass brushed against his groin. The silky ends of her hair tickled his skin. He reached for the straps of her bra and tugged, it came apart with ease leaving her naked except for the black thong and lacy cuffs. She leaned back her head against his shoulder and closed her eyes as Mitsuru kissed the side of her face.

Harsh sounds escaped both lovers as her soft flesh parted, stretched and accepted him. To be achingly empty one moment then abruptly impaled the next drove the breath from her lungs. Kokoro closed her eyes and arched her neck. Her long, wavy hair dangled down, a soft caress against his chest. Mitsuru leaned forward to bury his face against the silky locks and began pumping into her with a brutal strength that surprised her despite the times he'd fucked her with the same ferocity before. He stretched her impossibly taut, seeking more than what her body was ready to give.

He was incredibly thick, almost thicker than her wrist at the base. Each time he forced himself back into her, she felt a brief flutter of pain followed by tingling, sharp pleasure. Then Mitsuru Tohngs her off him completely, her pussy reluctantly released his cock with a wet, sucking sound. I sas to taste those nipples. Both of them gasped as her flesh parted, the soft folds expanding, stretching, framed by the black, crotchless thong that drew the focus on the explicitly carnal joining of flesh. This time Mitsuru bucked his hips as he yanked her down, and Kokoro flinched as he penetrated deeper. He smacked her lips with a soft kiss, then closed his eyes as if savoring her warmth.

Your sweet pussy opening for my cock, gripping me and pulling me in. He brushed his lips over hers, then bit the bottom lip he loved so much. Like a hot little mouth sucking me deep and tight.

He had prohibited her without anna, without having, ruthlessly displayed her with his posts until the new entrance gaped invitingly. She's exit to put on the trade babydoll again.

They shocked her, titillated her, made her so hot. He slid his hands through her long hair, forcing her head back and arching her chest forward. Her soft breasts bounced gently against his face, he kissed each nipple, Thongs and hot ass at one and then went to the other. He bit, sucked, and ravaged her nipples, then soothed her with slow, long strokes of his tongue. His groans mixed in with her cries as Kokoro picked a steady, fast rhythm. She rode him with wild abandon, no room for shame or hesitation, only wanton surrender, her hips rising up and slamming down as the pressure built higher and higher. His eyes followed her gaze down to where their bodies were joined, she couldn't take all of him, but it was close.

Just a bit more and you've got me to the balls. You can take me. She gasped in surprise at his strength, then was rendered speechless as his cock kissed her pussy with one hard, upward thrust of his hips. He bounced her once, twice on his cock making her squirm and whimper Thongs and hot ass sliding her feet back to the floor. She felt the mattress sink lower as Mitsuru knelt behind her, then wrapped his arm around her waist. He kissed the curve of her ass as he tugged on her thong, releasing her from the last bit of fabric. He spread her thighs wider with his knees, leaning lower to lick her pussy. Adrenaline arced like lightning through Mitsuru's veins. He was completely enthralled by the sight of the lush, feminine flesh, vulnerable, open for his invasion.

She was aroused, wet and swollen, waiting for him. He had fucked her without mercy, without restraint, ruthlessly opening her with his thrusts until the tiny entrance gaped invitingly. You'll feel me deeper, thicker. And you will take Thongs and hot ass last inch of me. As if sensing her need for force, not gentleness, Mitsuru held her tight to him, pinned her down against the bed and made her scream as he slammed his cock into her pussy. Kokoro flinched then cried out. I'll give you rough. He sank his teeth against her shoulder as his hips heaved forward, pushing her pelvis upward at an angle that was almost unnatural, uncomfortable.

Kokoro clenched her teeth as her pussy burned, bordered between pain and pleasure. Slowly he pulled back until he slipped out of her with a soft, smacking sound. He leaned down to kiss her swollen flesh and made soothing sounds when Kokoro protested. Kokoro didn't have time to tense, prepare or even take a breath. He rammed into her, knocking her forward. Let me take what's mine. The wet, smacking sounds of flesh slapping flesh filled her ears as he hammered into her again and again, raw, savage, until her body finally gave way, stretching around him, surrendering everything to him to the very last inch.

She was so tight he had to force his way in. His balls slapped against her mound, and he gave a shout of satisfaction. There was no pain, only him, only his furious, hard pounding, only intense, mind-numbing pleasure. Her orgasm crested and kept going as he rode her relentlessly, tirelessly, holding her in place as her body squirmed wildly as if seeking escape. Her pussy, tender and hypersensitive as she came down from her orgasm protested as his cock continued to stroke in and out of her. He pulled back and Kokoro cried out as his thick hard flesh scraped across her impossibly stretched tissues.

Then he plunged back deep, impaling her with a ferocity that had her shivering on the edge of another orgasm and she went crazy. She wanted more, less. She didn't know anymore. She pressed her hips against him, silently pleading for release. He hesitated, sensing that she wanted him to be rougher, but he had to be sure. No pause, no reprieve. Just one continuous savage rhythm of deep thrusts. Her body shook with the power of his muscular body. Kokoro screamed his name, cried out for mercy, from the sheer electric rapture that imploded from her womb and traveled up her spine to the tips of her fingers and toes "Fuck yes, scream my name! He was tearing her apart, ripping away her soul with each deep stroke, each hard thrust, with each pulse of pleasure as another orgasm hit her.

She had unleashed the animal in him and god help them both. He was mindless, stroking, thrusting, almost punishing in the ferocity of his possession, seeking only to claim, to dominate, to own her. Her slender fingers were balled into fists against the mattress as she tore at the covers. Her body shook with the force of his thrusts, and he gripped her hips, yanking her back to meet each one. He didn't want it to end, tried to hold back longer until his balls ached fiercely. His dick was impossibly hard and screamed for relief. Mitsuru strained as if trying to go even deeper then finally let go.

His entire body tensed over her. His release exploded with the fury of a storm, through his balls, up his cock then seared her with the hot rush of his cum. He closed his eyes and bit back the cry of triumph as he spurted deep inside her body. The finishing mark of possession. It gave him a feeling of primitive exultation, a primal satisfaction to mark her like this. Then he dropped his forehead to her shoulder, his chest heaving from exertion. He pressed his lips against her neck and gently kissed her racing pulse, a sharp contrast to the pounding, vicious force in which he'd taken her. Never had anything felt so raw, so primitive, so absolutely gratifying.

Take a deep breath and then hold it for about twenty minutes. Jealousy is a disease. Get well soon, bitch! When karma comes back to punch you in the face, I want to be there in case it needs help. You have more faces than Mount Rushmore. Sorry, sarcasm falls out of my mouth like bullshit falls out of yours. No one plans a murder out loud. Yes, I am a bitch — just not yours. You should wear a condom on your head. Being a bitch is a tough job but someone has to do it.

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My middle finger gets a boner every time I see you. Whoever told you to be Thohgs gave you really bad advice. You should try it sometime. I thought I had the flu, but then I realized your face makes me sick to my stomach. The people who know me the least have the most to say. You sound reasonable… Time to up my medication. Is there an app I can download to make you disappear? I suggest you do a little soul searching. You might just find one. Some people should use a glue stick instead of chapstick. My hair straightener is hotter than you.

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