Vulva looks different since having baby

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7 things no one ever tells you about your post-baby vagina

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Your vagina probably won't return completely to its pre-birth shape, but this shouldn't be a problem. If you're worried, talk differebt your health visitor or GP. This will help prevent urine leaking incontinence and can help your vagina feel firmer. They can also help sex feel better. You can do pelvic floor exercises anywhere and at any time, either sitting or standing up: Dryness in the vagina It's normal for the vagina to feel drier than usual after childbirth. You can buy lubricant in pharmacies, supermarkets or online.

Try to talk about this with your partner if it's causing problems in your sex life. That way you can deal with it together, rather than worrying about it on your own. If the dryness continues to bother you, talk to your health visitor or GP. Soreness and stitches in the perineum "The vaginal area can feel painful or sore in the immediate period after childbirth," says Dr Elneil. We always recommend pelvic floor exercises to help make the situation better in this case, too. It's important to keep the perineal area clean, so always wash your hands before and after changing your sanitary pads, and make sure you change them as soon as you need to.

Have a bath or shower every day to keep your perineum clean. If you're worried about how your stitches are healing, talk to your health visitor or GP.

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This is especially important if you have a lot of pain or discomfort, or you notice a smell. Depending on the size of the wound, you might have a scar when the tear or cut is healed. Pain during sex There's no right or wrong time to start having sex again after you have had a baby. Don't rush into it. The labia minora inner lipsmeasured from the upper-most skin fold to the lowest hanging edge, are typically anywhere from.

Baby different having looks Vulva since

They may be completely hidden by the labia majora, or the bottom edge may hang below it. For the most part, the size and shape of your labia Vu,va outer and inner are determined by your genetics — not your hormone levels or your sexual activity. Labia Changes During Pregnancy During pregnancy, you loo,s the role that hormones play in all sorts of wacky changes throughout your body, from nasal congestion to swollen feet. Many of these pregnancy symptoms are due to a pregnancy-induced increase in levels of the hormones estrogen and progesteronewhich boost blood flow throughout your body to support your baby — including to your labia.

As a result, your labia majora and minora may become swollen, increasing slightly in size for the duration of your pregnancy. The color of both your inner and outer lips may also temporarily darken due to this increased blood flow. Sometimes the outer lips may slightly retract, which can make the inner lips look bigger or expose them for the first time. Labia Changes During and After Childbirth If you're concerned about how pregnancy and childbirth will affect the size and shape of your vagina and labia, you're not alone.

The reality is, the tissue down there is very elastic and generally remains sinnce. Just as with tears to your vaginatears to your labia will usually heal within seven to 10 days but may remain sore for a few weeks. The good news is, virtually all the changes that happen to your labia during and after pregnancy are temporary.

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