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Guide to a Successful Guild

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Your account name and sin will remain the same. Your characters and items will remain on that account and will be available upon your return. Cnarter Starter Edition limitations and restrictions will be removed. When you upgrade to the full version of World of Warcraftyou will receive 30 days of access to the game for free. Note that as with all regular accounts, when your paid time runs out, you will lose access Wo the characters who are above sgn 20 due to Starter restrictions. There may be restrictions on invites e. This way you can have your own guild bank, which costs less per slot than filling several mules bank slots with bags.

Anelf charrter about private guild banks last September. Some guilds will be sigh of gui,d. Sometimes wtinks work well, sometimes not so well. This worked well for a time while the guild was working on the caj tier of raid content Kara and then Naxx. However we found it hard to recruit and retain enough good and committed raiders in this casual xan to break through into chartdr raid content. Deciding on a name What are you going to call your guild? Are you going for a fun name, a serious high-brow name, or something else? Think, you are going to have this name under your character for as long as the guild exists. You have to live with it.

And for god-sake make sure you spell it correctly! You cannot change a guild name. The only way a guild name is ever changed is if that guild name is reported to Blizzard as being offensive. Sometimes you see people selling guild banks from defunct guilds, you can buy these at your peril: A friend bought a guild bank from someone. To her surprise — maybe she should have checked the armory — the guild came with a lot of dwarves and gnomes — who were also somewhat surprised. They all got on well though, and most moved voluntarily to my friends main guild with her. Now buy a guild charter from the guild master NPC in a major city. Ask a guard for his location.

The charter costs 10 silver. Your bank can grow along with the guild - and guild members can help donate to buy bigger tabs. One note of caution: There are people out there who will join your guild just to rip off your bank. It's best to open the bank to members slowly - use the rank system and permissions to protect your guild from theft. Website and forums Having a website and forums can assist a guild in communication and planning events. Even with the in-game calendar, some planning is best done by a forum. It allows officer to communicate even when they are not all online together, and to provide important announcements to guild members that they cannot get in the small guild message of the day.

Website also have a huge potential for other fun guild activities, such as surveys and screenshot contests. You can share pictures of your guild's accomplishments or fan fiction written by guildies. Unfortunately, it can be surprisingly hard to get your guild members to use the website. Even when required to sign up, some will not even log in and check the forums.

There are many ways to approach this - you can penalize people for not checking in, you can reward those who do, you can generate interest through weekly website events or contests, and you can locate important information such as DKP totals on the website. Website design is no easy feat, and guild websites have a lot of special needs. I recommend you use a guild-specific website provider - my personal favorite is guildlaunch. They are ad-funded freebut you can upgrade by paying a small monthly fee to remove the ads and get bonus features.

Ventrilo or Teamspeak While WoW has a built in voice system, it's generally considered very sub-par. Essentially all raiding guilds and many other guilds have their own vent or TS servers. Even for a social guild, having a voice server of some kind really helps improve guild communication and interaction. In raiding, voice is vital for giving quick instructions and announcements. It also helps in PvP or instance situations for the same reason. There are many providers for vent servers. Guildlaunch rents Ventrilo servers, which is nice if your site is also hosted there. You can find other providers easily - simply google "ventrilo".

Funding Funding these features is a bit much for one person - all together a website and voice server can set you back fifty dollars a month, depending on the features in each. It's probably not a good idea to try and require RL dues, but you can provide a donate button on your guild's website and call attention to it when your guild's funds are running low. Remember to acknowledge those who donate in some way, to reward them for their help! Growing your guild So now you have a guild with at least ten people in it. You may even have some of the fancy features described in the previous section. But you are still at the bottom of the list of guilds - you have only just begun! To succeed, you need to recruit and retain members.

To do this, you'll have to catch their interest one way or another, and keep them hooked by managing the guild well. Methods of recruitment There are a lot of options for recruitment. Some are impersonal and can net you just about any type of person, while others are more discriminate. You will have to decide what to use based on the Wow can twinks sign guild charter of guild you want see, I told you that first decision was important! For example, it's fairly ridiculous to see a "small family guild" advertising in Trade chat, saying they are accepting anyone who applies. At the same time, a beginning raiding guild that needs to quickly get enough members to fill a man raid needs to get their message out there, so Trade or realm forums are good places to start.

Guild Recruitment channel The sad truth is, this channel really won't help you. Hardly anyone joins it voluntarily, and only guildless characters are automatically entered into it. Most people who are looking for a new guild won't leave their old guild until they find a new one, so this doesn't help you much at all. Recruiting here is probably a waste of time. Trade channel Recruiting in the Trade channel is a two-edged sword. The upside is that you will get your message out to a lot of people. The downside is that many view this as annoying, and also desperate. You will lose some respect for recruiting in this manner. In addition, you will have no way to discriminate who answers this type of recruitment ad, so you probably don't want to say you will invite anyone who asks.

Recruitment in the Trade channel is best when the guild needs a quick influx of people, and the quality of those people is a little less important. General channel Recruiting in this channel has the same pitfalls as the Trade channel. However, it allows you to target your recruitment somewhat. If you are a leveling guild seeking members of a certain level, you can advertise in zones specific to that level. Realm forums The realm forums are different from recruiting in public channels. Only people actively looking for a guild will go to these forums. In addition, these people are already putting in some effort, so they are more likely to be committed community members. Advertising in these forums is expected, and is not looked down upon.

However, you will also be reaching a smaller audience. In addition, the realm forums allow you to reach new transfers looking for a guild, or people looking to transfer. This can sometimes bear unexpected fruit - I have had one player transfer servers to join my guild, then go back and tell all her old server friends about it, and they all transferred and joined as well. PuG recruitment Recruiting people from PuGs that went well is an excellent way to grow your guild. You have already run an instance with this person, so you know whether they play well, and you have had some social interaction.

This allows you to tell right off the bat whether someone is way off from what you want. Only time will tell for sure, but you can weed out a lot of bad apples this way. Have your officers PuG often when you are trying to grow your guild - this will both get your name out there as active players and allow you to meet many potential recruits. The only 'fix' for that is to delete the charter and start over. Choosing a tabard design costs 10but the guild can be created without paying for the tabard design. When you still have the guild charter you can change the guild name to something that isn't taken.

Guild names are case sensitive - this means that there could be two guilds, one named Guild of Rogues spelled with a lowercase o in ofand the other named Guild Of Rogues spelled with a capital O in Ofon the same server. When signing a guild charter, once a player's character signs, no alternate characters on that account may sign. The charter must have signatures from 4 other Playerseach on a different account. This is why people sometimes offer to pay to have their charters signed. Yet you can have different character from the same account join the guild after charter is turned in.

Also, it is considered polite to ask someone to sign your charter before giving them the charter. When you spam someone your guild's charter it closes out the main bag window and any other windows they may have open vendor, trade, etc. It is extremely rude and annoying to the other player to do this. So please be polite. Once you begin getting signatures on your charter, focus on getting the remaining signatures on your charter and registering the guild. Signatures can disappear if you delay, since players are allowed to put signatures on other charters until you turn yours in.

Keep in mind that these categories are not mutually exclusive, and many overlap for example, some raid guilds like to participate in group PvP, some roleplaying guilds raid, etc. Raid Guild A raid guild is formed to tackle end-game raid instances such as Naxxramasthe Obsidian Sanctumand the Eye of Eternity. Raid guilds typically have a strong enough core player base to be able to attend at least the man raids without the assistance of other guilds or PuGsthough they may team up with other guilds for man raids. Important factors to distinguish are: To prevent drama it is smart to understand the system in advance.

Required level of gear, raid experience, connection stability, maturity etc. These are factors of varying levels of importance and subjectivity that are best informed about by talking to officers of the raid guild. While raiding guilds are often very focused on raid preparation and progression, there are some cases where they also help members level or participate in group PvP. As most raids are from level 55 and higher, a Raid Guild will most likely be exclusive to players that are in the mid to high s many level 80 characters depending on guild.

Social Guild A social guild is a guild where the members are generally very friendly with each other and play more to make friends or enjoy the game than to prepare for a raid. They are not usually very big guilds, consisting of anywhere between members. The members are friendly, caring, and fun to be with, and often help new members out. Roleplaying Guild RP guilds concentrate on roleplaying, and are most likely only to be found on roleplaying servers. Guild chat may be in-character although there is some controversy among roleplayers about IC guild chatsand members are encouraged to behave as their character and adhere strictly to the rules of a Roleplaying realm.

This usually does not extend to Party Chat and Raid Chat.

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It's not uncommon for members of a good PvP guild to be the only players in the top PvP spots. These guilds are a great place to find arena team members. They are also ideal for people for whom PvP is the main allure of the game. Leveling Guild These guilds are often very large and are designed to help new players or alts level up. They usually consist of a very large range of levels, from lowbies to people in their 70s and a good number of 80s. This type of guild is a great place to find players to quest and do instances with as you level up, but is not a good place to find partners for end-game content.

Sometimes these guilds have a tendency towards immaturity due to their size and general inclusiveness. It is not uncommon for a leveling guild to be connected to a raiding guild, and people who reach certain milestones in the leveling guild item level, level, maturity, etc. Bank Guild These guilds tend to be non-public private institutions or held by a small close group of friends, IRL or online. In short they are just storage, a few extra pages to stash materials, items and occasionally gold. They tend to be held by an alt toon that becomes a mulewhile the main and preferred alts see game play.

Communicating in a guild Most guild communication happens via guild specific chat. The guild can also communicate via forums on a guild website. Often the guild will also communicate through a VoIP voice chat method, especially during instances, raids, or battlegrounds using programs such as Ventrilo or TeamSpeak. Running a successful guild Running a guild is not easy, and can take a lot of time and effort. It can also be very rewarding. One of the most important aspects to any guild is the quality of its leadership. Before you create a guild Before you create a guild, think first about what you want out of the guild you will create. Read through the types of guilds listed above for ideas.

Maybe you already know exactly what you want and who you want to join, but if not you should think about those things now. When you create your guild, use your guild control tab in your social window to change the titles and privileges each rank has to reflect your decisions on the infrastructure. If you eventually plan to make use of the full ten ranks allowed to you by the game, you should set them all up as soon as possible; the all-too-simple rank administration system will not let you reposition ranks, so you have to rename each rank leading up to the new rank spot, then demote everyone to their previous rank.

build Creating the guild When you create a guild, you'll have four members. It is recommended that you guile patient and actually find 4 people to sign the charter who cahrter actually participate in the guild, not just people who will sign it to help you out and leave as soon as the guild is created. The guild charters were created for a good reason. As your members join, make sure they understand the rules and goals that apply to the guild. This will decrease the possibility for drama and fighting within the guild.

Use your guild message of the day to get out important information, for example: Communication Develop a means of communication exchange so members can communicate even when they aren't all online. Some guilds get by without this, but for end-game content guilds it is necessary. You can do this with an external website, from guild hosting services or a forum or website hosted by someone in the guild.

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Other options are using groups on social networks such as Facebook. Remember that it is okay to allow others to hold power. Promoting members who have earned your trust to "Raid Leader" or "Veteran" can be quite productive. Though in order to maintain a guild, it is important to realize that the structure of the guild can define stability. When assigning ranks and dealing with promotion, it is often accepted that trust must be involved.

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